Ihavanddhippolhu Integrated Development Project (iHavan)

ihavan is an integrated project designed for Ihavandhippolhu atoll, in Northern Maldives. The project seeks to capitalize on the location of the atoll, straddling the seven and eight degree channels through which the main East -West shipping route, connecting South-East Asia and China to the Mid-east and Europe, presently runs.

Ihavan includes the following components:

Transhipment Port: Currently, more than US$ 18 trillion worth of goods is transported across the channel annually, with over 70,000 ships crossing the Indian Ocean every year. A transhipment port in Ihavandhippolhu stands ready to benefit from the growing trade volumes passing through the region in the wake of strong growth in India and China.

Airport Development, Warehousing and Export Processing Zones: iHavan’s central location in the Indian Ocean will access more than 30 large cities within a radius of 4000 km. Furthermore, India, only a few minutes away from iHavan, is projected to house the world’s largest middle class consumer market by 2030, surpassing both China and the USA. This presents immense opportunities for online trading businesses and mass warehousing for large-scale retailers.

Export processing zones established in iHavan can enjoy duty free access to the South Asian region with a population base of approximately 1.7 billion people, through the existing South Asian Free Trade Arrangement (SAFTA).

A Cruise hub: Global cruise industry is expected to grow at a rate of 7.2% annually. Consumer interest in cruising is growing rapidly in China and India. Maldives is already a prime stopover point, limited only by the country’s lack of a cruise terminal with the capacity to handle the hundreds of thousands of cruise passengers already passing through annually.

Yacht Marina: iHavan is naturally gifted with a deep sheltered harbour ideal for development of a yacht marina.

Dock yard: the location of iHavan presents the ideal opportunity to develop afloat ship repair and dry docking.

Live and Work in ihavan: The business district, encompassing commercial and financial centres, coupled with upscale real estate will cater for global multinational firms to set up their regional headquarters while providing both condominium style housing and beach front villas to cater for diverse choices.

Tourism development: The unrivalled natural beauty of the island geography in the region has huge potential for high-end real estate and tourism development.

Ministry of Economic Development
Boduthakurufaanu Magu

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